Sunday, June 20, 2010

Too Cute

I cannot even begin to describe how cute my niece is! Ok technically she is not my niece since neither one of my brothers has had a baby... She is my cousin's baby girl who will be calling me aunt so I call her my niece. She is two months old on Tuesday, currently weighs 9lbs and her name is Daniella. I call her Dani while my other female cousin calls her Ella. I firmly believe that at some point Daniella will choose which one she prefers, if any, and at that point I will respect her wishes. For now I will continue to refer to her as Dani.

I have written a post, relatively recently explaining how I have my issues I suppose you can call it, with the idea of parenthood. Therefore I was both very excited for my cousin and nervous when she was born. She was born at 6lbs and was so small!!! I was so scared to hold her for fear that I may break her- turns out I am not the first and I am guessing will not be the last person in the world to have this same fear. Anyway I did hold her a little but a very little!

This past weekend though I was all about the baby! She has grown although she is still only 9 lbs she is bigger and therefore seemingly less breakable. She also wakes up and looks around now, which is really cool to witness. I held her, walked around with her, fed her and still managed to not have to change any diapers!

We are three girl cousins in my family and Dani belongs to Carolyn. Joanne has been married for 4 years now and consistently gets asked about when she is going to have kids and then everyone is just praying for me to get married so that they can then start praying for me to produce some babies of my own. Anyway Joanne came into town this weekend and we had ourselves a pretty solid girls weekend.

It's fun being older and getting to hang out with my cousins now. The age gap might as well not even exist for us now- with the exception of the marital status and baby/house ownership we are not all that different from each other now. We can talk and hang out as friends which is nice since they have been doing that their whole lives, being only 2 years apart in age while I had always been the baby cousin.

Either way while I am very thankful for my relationship with my cousins the most impressive part for me this weekend was that I was no longer scared of Dani. She was now this cool being that I could hang out with! And I am babysitting her this coming Thursday and I am very excited about it!!! Growing up... :-)