Saturday, September 15, 2012


Not all "Secrets" should be a secret.


This is an important message that needs to spoken about. Please support these two amazing artists and their message by sharing this amazing song and video with others. 

Thoughts and Breathing

I have begun doing yoga as a more frequent practice recently. I have come to really appreciate the time that I take to do it. I feel more connected, centered and grounded whenever I practice.

I understand the focus on the breath as a means of quieting the mind and creating a space for relaxation and silence within; however, I have come to notice that even when I am focused on my breathe and whatever posture I am in there are still so many thoughts that enter and exit my mind. I suppose these are the kinds of thoughts that happen all day long as I go about my routines and I do not notice them because they are so 'normal'.

What would a day in the mind of me really look like?

I wonder if I could transpose in writing every thought that came into my mind throughout the day, how many pages would I have at the end of 24 hours?! I am including sleeping time in this because I believe that my mind is even more active while I sleep.

Now that I have written this I realize that I do not ever want to be able to do this! It is just too intense. That being said having written this has just made me even more keenly aware of how many thoughts occur to me each and every day. This both terrifies and fascinates me.

What will I think next?

Sunday, September 9, 2012


How do you know that you are on the right path? Or doing the right thing with your life?

Sometimes occurrences occur (shocking! I know right?!) and cause me to wonder how they happen. Have you ever been thinking about someone and 30 seconds later your cell phone rings because they are now calling you? Have you ever thought to yourself that you need a new hobby when suddenly someone invites to cooking classes? Ok so these are not necessarily life changing or altering experiences but what if they seem to happen more and more frequently in your life?

Sometimes I find myself wondering if the universe puts opportunities that I am comfortable with in front of me just to test me and see if I will really turn them down for something greater that I could be focusing my efforts on. And then I wonder if the universe is just providing me with some extra experiences so that I am more prepared for whatever the rest of my path looks like.

AND THEN I remember words that a friend once said to me- note that I am paraphrasing- "Veronica you need to stop over-analyzing everything" Those were not her exact words but that was the very simple and clear gist of it. When I recall that moment I somehow manage to stop thinking, even if it's only for a second, breathe and come to terms with the fact that everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to serve me... even if I have no clue what happens next!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Energetic Space

What's the difference between Montreal and Vancouver? The really easy answer is; everything!

Montreal is where I have grown up. Although technically I grew up in the West Island, which many Montrealers do not even consider to be part of Montreal. It's about a 20 minute drive into the downtown core from where I am. I love this city. I really do. I have no desire to live in the city, however if I ever want to go dance or see a show or eat amazing food from all over the world then I can easily do it!

Montrealers are proud to be Montrealers. They brag about the city and all that it provides for us. I don't know that anyone loves the politics that having this amazing city being in Quebec brings about, especially with the provincial election coming up on Tuesday, but whatever the city is special. 

All that being said there is something very different about Vancouver. And it's equally as different than Ottawa and Toronto. I think that Toronto is my least favorite. I have a lot of friends in and around the Toronto/ surrounding areas and it just doesn't do it for me energetically. The feeling is just so dense.

Vancouver is obviously very different. It is a coastal city. It has such a different feeling to it. In Vancouver though I have noticed that people are proud of their area, not so much their city as a whole. People brag more about where they live within the city, either they are in Kitsilano or downtown or North Van or West Point Grey...  And each of these areas has a very different feeling to it. As I drove around Vancouver this summer I paid attention to how I felt while I drove through them.

I think I have decided that if I ever moved to Vancouver I would LOVE to be in either Kitsilano/West Point Grey OR North Vancouver. Those are the two areas that the energy just resonates with me. I am not really sure how else to explain it. There is this sense of complete calmness and easy going-ness about both areas.

I am seriously considering heading out earlier than I normally do for camp next summer and spending a month in Vancouver. Is it weird that Vancouver actually reminds me of the Caribbean? While you are sitting at a beach watching the sailboats in the bay you look up and see mountains and houses on the mountains and a beautiful skyline.

It really is a gorgeous city and the calmness of the city is what makes it even more appealing. People don't ever seem to be in a rush of any kind. I find they meander instead of walk. Sometimes I wonder if it's because they are the last people to really wake up for the day. I mean other than Hawaii everyone on the west coast is behind the rest of the world. Just a theory...