Monday, November 19, 2012


This summer I began practicing yoga. I was pretty good about going at least once a week and swimming or going for walks on the other days. July was by far my best physical fitness month- I have a lot of stickers on my calendar from that month... August was a little less, September was pretty similar to August, and then October came around. The month of October I felt like a lump. This lump of a person who was unmotivated to do any form of movement. It was pretty awful actually.

My life felt like it was all over the place, like I had no idea what was going to happen next and like I had no control over what was happening.

The first two weeks of November were work weeks; I was on the road. When I got back I discovered my schedule for the rest of the season and made the commitment to utilize my one month unlimited pass to a yoga studio in Lachine. I began last Wednesday morning and have gone to three class so far.

It is absolutely amazing how different I feel when I practice yoga. I feel grounded, calm, collected, focused and centered. While I am in class my mind is typically yelling at me because, truth be told, it's hard! Even when I get home afterwards my body seems to be mad at me because it's now sore. In the end though my soul is really happy that I went. My body also gets on board because it has more energy and therefore more desire to keep moving. And eventually my mind cheers as well because it is proud that I have keep my commitment.

I have to say that I also love yoga for the inspiration and knowledge that the teacher shares during every class. Whatever wisdom they provide is always exactly what I need to hear at that time and makes me smile- which makes the practice and whatever position I'm in easier to hold. I am very thankful that I have found a form of physical fitness that I really enjoy doing. I was never one to lift weights and run, but yoga, swimming and walking are calming for me and I like that.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quantum Movement

In May of 2007 my family invested in courses with Peak Potentials Training. The company was slightly different back then and in the summer of 2008 we, I should really be saying my parents, bought Quantum Leap for all five of us.

This past weekend while I was working at the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Charlotte, NC it somehow sunk in just how lucky I am. Hearing the pitch for Quantum Leap and now our smaller package Quantum Step I was painfully aware of the fact that if I were the one sitting in the seat I would likely not be moving to the back of the room to purchase for the price is still an obstacle for me.

Quantum Leap would still be out of my financial reach at the moment. Quantum Step is not, but step doesn't have all the courses I would want to attend. If I could remove some and add others I would be all over that package!

In the end I just realized how lucky I was to have parents who so adamantly believed in the program and in the power of the universe to move mountains in order for us to be able to pay for it. When they signed up they had no idea how they were going to pay for the whole $65,000 for all five of us but somehow they did. They took my financial blueprint out of the equation.

I still covered all my travel and expenses to attend all 11 events that I went to because I was seriously committed to being at them! I made it happen. I now work for Peaks and I love it. Yes I have my moments where I wonder but I also have moments of such pure joy and peace that it makes the wondering moments less painful.

This is a thank you to my parents and an acknowledgment to all those participants who sit in our seats; for those of you who take the action and sign on the dotted line good for you, for those of you who don't I understand and commend you for being true to where you are.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Cry

Have you ever had 'one of those days'? You know those days where no matter what happens you just feel like you need to sit down and have a good cry? And I don't mean like a 'boo-hoo' cry, I mean like a solid 'I just need to f*$%ing cry right now, because there is nothing else for me to do'.

Last Friday was one of those days for me. I was at an event, doing what I love mind you and by the end of the day my body was so toast that everything caused me to be on the brink of a full out melt down! When I got to the event with my team we sat down and went through a series of questions, one of which was- "what is distracting you right now?" I was totally honest and said that I did not feel like I was really there. I mean I was there, physically I was in the space but emotionally and mentally I was somewhere else. I felt strange because I had been so prepared to be at an event the week before and when I did not go I still had not really let go of it and moved onto this event.

Once the team of volunteers arrived though I was good and ready to roll. I got them set up and we got to work. Somehow the day just flew by. We were done the majority of our preparations by 3:30pm and yet I still seemed to have a ton of things to do myself. By the time I was dressed and ready for the event to start it I only had 20mins before I had to be on stage.

That night was my WORST performance on stage ever! I still do not fully understand why it was so bad. I felt totally disjointed and ungrounded. When I got off stage I went to speak to Tina and I was seconds, SECONDS away from, 'I just need to f*$%ing cry right now, because there is nothing else for me to do'.

I quickly realized that I cannot do everything. I cannot be both core team and the assistant trainer simultaneously because one or both will suffer. I had to re-adjust my thought process around what I thought it was supposed to look like because the truth is I'm good at what I do but apparently I am not Superman. I decided to focus on my AT role and assist as core team versus focus on my core team role and assist as AT.

In the end my, I just need to cry right now, passed and I made it through the whole weekend. Sometimes wanting to cry so bad that the only thing left to do was laugh at it all, which ultimately led to crying because we would be laughing so hard! 

Some days are just 'one of those days' and when they come around it's okay.