Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's Your Number?

It's a movie. It's a silly romantic comedy but it got me thinking. What if the "study" that the entire story line of the movie is based on actually exists?! The study said that the national average of sexual partners that women have had is 10.5, which actually seems relatively reasonable to me... but that's probably because I'm at 8. The study also said that women who have more than 20 partners are less likely to ever find the one person to spend their life with, due to lack of self confidence and such. The main character is at 19 when she reads this and then begins a quest to return to all her previous lovers in the hopes that one of them is her one and that she does not go over the number 20.

Obviously the guy that she enlists to help her find all these guys ends up being wonderful and perfect for her and eventually she realizes that going over 20 is worth it if it's for him. The part of the movie that I appreciated the most was that she came to the understanding that she felt the most authentically herself around the guy she ended up with. I also watched "This Means War" the other day in similarly the leading lady is dating two guys and has to eventually make a decision and her best friend says something along the lines of, "Don't pick the better guy. Pick the guy that makes you the better woman."


If everyone is simply a reflection of you then why wouldn't you pick the reflection that you like the most?! It seems so crazy logical and easy!

That's really all I had to share today. :)