Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time. Where does it go?

Last night at dinner my family and I discussed how fast time seems to move. I am having a hard time believing that it is already October 30th, 2012! I swear it feels like this year has transpired in a BLINK!

Then I stop and think; what have I done this year? When I take inventory I realize that a lot has actually occurred in the past 10 months. I became an assistant trainer with Peaks and got to work many events in that role. I worked two Enlightened Warrior Training Camps this summer in Squamish, BC (one of my favourite places on earth). I dated someone. My friend Erin got engaged. My brother got engaged. My friend Andrea bought a house with her boyfriend. I wrote a book- which I really need to work on a little more and then get into publishing!

2012 has brought about a ton of uncertainty and a ton of opportunity. It has proven to be a year full of growth and lessons learned. The biggest of which for me is, if I do not feel right about a situation it's not right AND to trust that I am making the correct choices for me.

A friend of mine also shed some light on a subject that I knew but could not explain as well as he could.
"Have you ever hung out with someone and realized that you don't really like who you become when you are around them? Have you ever hung out with someone and you realize that you really like who you are? "
The way he asked the questions made me understand just why I am not friends with or dating some people anymore. I have said several times that everyone is a reflection of me and that it has nothing to do with them, and while that is true now I understand that there are people who can reflect the best parts of me and there are people who reflect the worst parts of me.

I think that the trick now is finding someone who reflects the pieces of both while constantly calling out the best of me.