Thursday, June 23, 2011

Virtues all around us

I began my training to become a Heart Virtue expert a few weeks ago and low and behold I began seeing virtues EVERYWHERE!

Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? I watched this season in sections. One day I would decided to catch up and watch four episodes at a time. This season Meredith and Derek have begun their clinical trial for Alzheimer. Turns out the chief''s wife has the disease and Meredith gets her into the trial and switches her medication so that she gets the real drug instead of the placebo.

Derek is furious at her and Meredith stands by it. She would do it again if the same situation came up. Why? Why would she put the whole trial at risk to be shut down? And why would she potentially give up her career for this woman?

Meredith Grey is committed to loyalty to people! She doesn't give a shit about the principles when she could potentially be saving a person's life. She houses so many of her fellow doctors and stands by them constantly- even when they are wrong because she is committed to them. Whereas Derek is committed to loyalty to principles or something like integrity, truth, honesty.

I find it so interesting how I can see heart virtues all around me. I suppose since I discovered my own I have seen them only now I can actually identify them, give them a name and form easily.

I am committed to Respect, Integrity and Confidence. What are you committed to?