Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I finally bought myself a new camera. I have been wanting a Digital SLR camera for years- since I was in University really which is now 4 years ago- shocking I know! Anyway I finally made the investment in a camera. I figured there was no better time to do it really since I happen to have income and I am leaving on a cross Canada road trip on Thursday... That's two days from now! TWO!

I will be taking pictures all over Canada and I am so EXCITED!!! I have been talking about this trip for months now and the day is arriving! I am basically packed already. I have just not done food, journal, computer and books yet. Shoes too- I am going to buy hiking shoes today.

This journey is about discovering the beauty that lies within Canada and appreciating the country that I live in. I am very excited!!! I will keep you posted on my adventure!