Sunday, July 11, 2010


In reconnecting and chatting with friends this week I have come to realize just how fortunate I really am.

I have never had just one best friend that I talk to about everything. I have always had many good friends whom I talk to about many various things. I have realized that there is no one that I talk to every day, or even every week, or even every month come to think of it; which makes it sound like I am not a very good friend... The truth is that my friendships are there and they are solid. I have realized lately just how fortunate I am to have such strong connections with these people.

We do not need to talk often in order to know that we are friends and that we will always be there for each other. I can go a whole year without truly connecting with a friend and we will just start right where we left off! Case in point my friend Brooke Brady. We finally had a chance to re-connect this week after a year of lost contact. Wow! It was so wonderful to just chat and catch up. I know that if I ever really needed anything she would be there for me and she knows, even if she needed a reminder... that if she needs anything from me I am there.

I am just so very very fortunate to have such amazing people in my life that are around and there for me! Thank you so much to each and every one of you- you know who you are!!!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Feet

In all of my 'studies', not sure what else to call it, that I have been doing over the past two years within the realm of personal development I have learned that it is very important to be grounded. Now there are several ways to explain what being grounded means and to each person I believe that it means something slightly different, and that's ok because it works for them.

For me, in my view for this topic of conversation, it means standing strong on your own two feet. Planting yourself into the ground and connecting to who you are and what you stand for. Now I pride myself on being pretty well connected to the essence that is me and yet there was a part of me that did not feel at ease about things that where happening in my life. Specifically with my job.

In March I was hired on as core team with Peak Potentials Training, which if you read my blog you will remember was quite the process! I know in my being that this is what I am meant to be doing and it makes me happy. I have also been working for another company for almost two years now that does team and leadership building programs with elementary and high school students primarily. I love what this company does and the impact it has on the youth it works with, which is clearly why I have been working with them for so long now.

There have, however, been several moments lately that have caused me to question my situation because I was getting very charged when I spoke about the company. It saddens me to say that I have recently put in my letter of resignation. In the end my heart virtues were being violated more than validated and that just did not bode well for my heart and soul.

Coming back to the idea of being grounded and standing on my own two feet powerfully- my letter was not a simple I will not be returning letter. I really opened up to what I loved about the company and why I had to leave and when I finished typing it up I felt like myself again. I felt like this cloud of darkness that had settled itself over me was lifted. I had regained the essence of me that I had apparently lost bits of over the last little while.

All I can say to this is that it feels fabulous and I am very thankful that I have friends and family who are so supportive of me and the choices that I make. Thank you!!!