Tuesday, January 26, 2010


While talking to a friend of mine today about my blog we began to discuss if people are real when they write online for all the world to potential read. He shared about an experience he had that led him to believe that some people would actually say one thing and then write something else online. This then caused me to think about my own blog and my honesty.

There are a few things to keep in mind here. First of all this blog is not by definition a journal; a journal is in my eyes anyway a private place where you write down your thoughts and frustrations and it is for you and you alone. A blog- or mine anyway is, in my own words from my very first post, is about me and how: "Now I am going to write about my own life. I am intending that I become just as clever about my own life through my writing as I am about other people's lives." In other words although I am writing about my own life and experiences it is for the purpose of reflecting and understanding what the universe may be trying to tell me.

Do I write about everything going on in my life? No. Do I write honestly about whatever I do write about? Yes, I like to think so anyway. True that there are times where I phrase things carefully so as to ensure correct understanding for the reader or to purposely keep it vague because in the end I realize it is not really your business. So yes I do not always give every bit of detail about a situation but I certainly do give sufficient information to keep you informed and to make my point whatever that point may be... I always hope that there is at least a point to my ramblings, sometimes I doubt it.

In the end I will say that I am committed to Respect, Integrity and Confidence. I in no way feel that I have been out of my own integrity when writing this blog. I truly believe that if any of you who this ever felt that I was I would have already heard about it! For this I must say thank you. Thank you first and foremost for your continued support and secondly for really being there and being my friends who I can count on to call me on my shit. I suppose I tend to call myself on my own shit often through the blogging but there are times where I still need a kick in the ass and you are always there to give that!

Love you lots

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life Direction; right, left, straight?

Where do I go from here? The beginning of a new year, so to speak- although according to my last post I can no longer actually call it a new year, or may I still call it that as long as I don't say 'Happy New Year' to people anymore? Regardless this past weekend, after my trip in Northern Cali hanging out with Irma and her family and seeing my cousins at the same time, Irma and I headed down to LA. We would've road tripped the whole coast but we were not in her beautiful little mini- instead it was a big pick up and we really did not have enough time. The part we were on the coast for was spectacular but Big Sur is certainly on my list of place to go and see, perhaps camp at as well!

When I am with Irma I can feel that I am vibrating at a different energetic level, she brings out the best in me- my most honest and most present self. I am therefore more open and aware of others. Since she doesn't know a stranger, meaning that everyone regardless of whether or not she has met them before becomes her friend; truly it's like she has a tattoo on her forehead saying, "Come talk to me I'm super cool!" So of course we managed to meet and talk to some pretty cool people.

At a McDonalds somewhere along the way from San Jose to Pismo we met these two guys, I'm guessing around 25 years old, from Vancouver road tripping back home. We ended up sitting down and having a conversation with them about politics and then quantum physics and how everything is energy. I thought we were doing really well. Then one of them asked how and when we met and what keeps us connected. The first part of the question was a little challenging to answer since we had met, technically speaking in June at Train the Trainer 2 but we only really connected in August at Mind of Steel, Heart of Gold. The second part of the question was easy for me to answer. I just looked at Irma and said to the guys, "The Moon" I think at this moment they thought I was absurd! I went onto explain how the moon represents feminine energy while the sun represents masculine energy and yin and yang and they just stared at me. One of them asked, "So the moon has a vagina?" I had to reiterate that I had not said that the moon was female only that it represented feminine energy! Anyway our wonderfully interesting conversation turned odd at this point and we all choose that moment to escape back to the comfort and safety of our respective vehicles.

At the hotel we decided to head down to the hot tub to release some negative and funky energy that we may have been carrying around with us. We chat, more girly chat because it's just so much fun, and a couple enters our hot tub. They end up being really cool and we have another wonderful discussion about God and the universe and energy and faith and all of that. He is a minister and she is just so fabulous! (I honestly didn't ask if she had a job) We spoke about the book, The Shack, which I believe I have already mentioned on here and if not I am mentioning it now- it's a MUST read! I loved every minute of it! All in all I met some pretty awesome people and had some phenomenal conversations with them, turns out that when you vibrate at a different energetic level similarly vibrating people show up!

Now the question is what direction do I go in? Where do I go from here; at this moment in my life vibrating at this level, reading and learning and implementing all the wonderful things I have learned, about myself and about the universe and about others over the past two years? Right? Left? Straight? Where am I meant to be heading? I trust that God (or whatever you wish to call it- I am beginning to go back to calling it God, perhaps I will come up with another name at another time but for now I am seeing how this works for me) will take care of me and ensure that everything happens just as it is meant to happen, even if that doesn't look like I may have thought it would. I am open to listening and to going with the flow!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


When do you stop saying “Happy New Year”? How long is it appropriate to say happy new year for after the 1st of January? I mean we are now January 9th, which I suppose would still be fine to say it but how much longer? What is the cut off date? At what point is it considered weird to keep saying “Happy New Year” to people? I’m thinking after a week, maybe a week and a half after the 1st you can stop saying it as a general nicety. If you are speaking to your best friend for the first time after the 1st on let’s say the 22nd of January then I would say it’s perfectly appropriate to wish them a happy new year but to the general public I think now it’s just odd!

Just thoughts that I had while travelling today and being wished happy new year over the intercom on the plane by the flight attendant. I thought it was very sweet of her but somehow strange, which then sparked this question in my mind and I decided to write about it since I don’t really have anything else to do of high importance while I wait for my connecting flight at the Dallas Fort Worth airport.

Fun story though- I decided to go to TGI Fridays for lunch on this break I had and I was given a spot at a counter overlooking passerby’s on their way to or from their flights. I sat down and pulled out my book. I am currently reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and it is awesome. I saw currently reading meaning that I just started it and although I am not actually reading it at the moment, since clearly I am typing this, you understand what I mean. I say awesome because although I am only about 30 pages into the book I have laughed out loud, ok maybe I have really only giggled out loud but still, several times already!

I pull out my book and set it on the counter and this older gentleman sitting next to me says, “That’s supposed to be a great book,” to which I responded, well although I just started it I have to say that it really is quite fabulous! I also told him that there is apparently the male version of this book now out there about drinking and sex and something else I cannot remember. In the end we chatted a little bit and discovered that we are both from Montreal and that Americans don’t know enough about Canada, or their own country for that matter. Being Canadian I can name all of our provinces and easily about 48 states; I always seem to stump myself the last four... I am getting better though! It was a nice chat before he left me; I ate my salad and then returned to my book, before getting up and leaving for my gate. I love meeting people while I travel, and when I travel I find I am very myself which attracts people to me because I am easy going and friendly- that calm and centered energy is beneficial when travelling!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Break Free

I am currently flying over some state, I could not even guess where about I am but I am very clear on the fact that it’s over a state in the US of A. I was awoken by the sound of some unfortunate song this morning at 4:45am. I was set to leave the house for 5 but only got out at 5:15 and we headed to the airport. My parents, both of them came to drop me off, I thought that was a little odd since normally dad just drops me off and I’m good to go. Today mom actually came in with me, which is admittedly sweet but very unnecessary since she can only come as far as the check in counter! The whole security check process, metal detector, customs and pat down took about an hour to get through. After customs I thought I was in the clear... but of no wait! Now you get the pat down and bag search. Pretty exciting.

Point being, in the end, that I am now on a plane and flying somewhere over the states. I am heading to Dallas Fort Worth to then transfer planes and head to San Jose. I am extremely excited to get there and hang out with my beautiful moon goddess sister, Irma! Truthfully I’m not entirely sure what our plans are. I do know that tonight we are going out in San Fran to a karaoke bar with her sister and her boyfriend, gonna be interesting.; I have only ever been to a karaoke bar once in my life to date and it was a private place where your party had their own room! It was awesome because you were just singing in front of your peeps not randoms! Then we are driving down the coast to LA. We need to be there by January 12th at night so we have plenty of time for the drive but I really have NO idea what to hit on the way down... I’m excited for the adventure- no plans and going with the flow, something a little new for me! Apparently we’re gonna hit up the hot springs- not that I have any idea what the hell that is but I’m game for whatever!

I suppose that here’s where I say something insightful like I have been doing as often as possible on this blog... While I have been travelling for what feels like ages I realized today that as long as I am calm and centered the ridiculous lines and seriously annoying people are nothing! Fact is that when I am calm and centered those annoying people become amusement for me because I can really see and sense their frustration but I no longer take it on as my own. And as far as this trip is concerned- I really have nothing planned! All I know is that I am flying into San Jose, Irma is picking me up at the airport and we have to drive to LA and be there by the 12th to start crewing Life Directions on the 13th... I have been pulling the “Break Free” Magical Mermaids and Dolphins card often over the past two weeks so here you go universe I’m heading on my adventure!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

All I want for...

I am sure we've all heard the song, "All I Want for Christmas is You", I have to say it's one of my favourite ones, I especially love when the little girl sings it in "Love Actually" it's just so powerful.

Anyway my parents have asked me to think about, or I suppose more like feel into, what intentions I would like to set for 2010 and what I would like to release from 2009. In listening to them speak I realized that releasing 2009 really is the first step to moving forwards in 2010. When we have unfinished or what we may feel is unaccomplished tasks looming over us from 2009 into 2010 the year can already appear to be daunting and it has not even begun!

I accomplished so many things in 2009 and had an overall phenomenal year. I am a little hard pressed to find things to release and yet as I say this a few things manage to come to mind... I release self-doubt and uncertainty- I had a tendency to decide to do something and not fully follow through because I was afraid of what would have to happen next. I also release confusion in my relationships!

In 2010 I move towards acceptance of the unknown and I embrace confusion- it's what allows me to learn! I am also setting the intention to be open to accepting the perfect romantic relationship for me; whatever that looks like. I intend to start a business with my brother Chris. I intend to work for Peak Potentials Training. I intend to eat healthy and live my life at my ideal body weight. I intend to get my tattoo! I intend to empower others around me to live joyful and exciting lives; whatever that looks like to them! I intend to make over $500,000 in 2010! I intend to go with the flow and live in my devine; both feminine and masculine because balance is vital to life and without both I would be neither.

All I want for 2010 is to be ME!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

I am not a huge New Year's Eve kind of person. I would much rather have a nice dinner at home with friends and family and play games, then watch the ball drop at midnight together, instead of going to some hall or club to ring in the new year. I suppose I would rather do the former on any night of the week really over the later. At clubs I feel claustrophobic and as much as I like to dance I enjoy my space more!

Anyway point being that I stayed home and enjoyed a yummy dinner, thank you Chantal! Then we played Partini, which was too funny! Then we watched the ball drop and apparently 20 minutes later I was out cold on the couch in the living room, while everyone else went downstairs to play Rockband. Good news; I spelt like a rock that night!

Day 1 of 2010 I went snowboarding for the first time in 9 years, and back then I had only gone once. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with myself and my apparent skill... I fell a few... ok more than a few times and I got down the hill and I got back up to the top and got down again. I managed to carve a few times but otherwise I lived mostly on my heals. I still haven't figured out if I board regular of goofy, I kept changing it even when I carved.

This was one courageous act for Day 1 of 2010! I am very proud of myself for going up and getting down and doing so relatively well. I also have to give my brother props for being so wonderfully patient with me and teaching me! I look forward to getting on the hill again and working on my skill set... I just gotta give my body some time to recuperate!