Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art stage 2

Today has been a long day of mostly painting and some mod podge... Here is stage two of my art project!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Art stage 1

Here's what I accomplished on my first day of crafting with Mom! I am very excited to continue tomorrow!!!


My beautiful goddess sister Kelly came over this past weekend. She is doing a 'soul restoration' course through Brave Girls Club. While she was here she showed me some of the craft technique videos. Such as what you can really accomplish with Mod Podge, one of the greatest crafting tools EVER! Mod Podge is a glue and a sealer and it keeps many things on canvas such as beads, tissue paper, embroidery sting and mosaic tiles.

Watching these videos with Kelly got me into a crafting mood. Which always makes me excited because I really do enjoy being creative. And so today is crafting day with mom. I have sketched out what I would like my painting to look like and I am open to adding lots of stuff to it as I go. This painting is to be an homage to Peaks and all the camps that have transformed my life in so many ways. I have been wanting a tattoo since I attended Enlightened Warrior Training Camp in June of 2008, however I have not yet taken the steps to get it done. I suppose I am still debating really if I want to have any design, even if it's one I LOVE, tattooed permanently on my body... To top that off I still do not have a design that I LOVE.

I suppose the point of this post is to ask you what are you doing that is creative? I will be painting and crafting today and writing this blog post is also part of my creativity. You can collage, colour, draw, write, photograph or read even- I challenge you to do something using your right brain today!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jog/ Walk

For as long as I can remember I have not liked running. Now that I really think about it I'm pretty sure it's because I'm not that good at it. How can someone not be good at running? You may ask. My answer to that is; have you ever seen the episode of FRIENDS where Rachel goes running and Phoebe wants to join her?!

Although when I say that I am not that good at it I mean that my lungs just do not enjoy not being able to breath easily. However I have recently realized that the only way for my lungs to expand and improve their breathing capacity is to practice. And so I have taken up jogging/walking. I am taking it easy on myself and slowly improving each time I get on the street. I jog a section at a decent jogging pace and then I walk a section.

So far I am on day 3 of this new lifestyle and I am happy to report that I have improved. Friday morning I did weights and then a jog/walk, Saturday morning I did an abs yoga program and this morning I did weights and a jog/walk again. This is progress and I am sharing with you because I am celebrating!!!

One thing that I took away from Enlightened Warrior Training Camp when I took it back in June of 2008 is that a warrior celebrates their success! They accomplish something they celebrate it. So this is me celebrating AND committing to getting in shape and losing 50 pounds! This summer I will be making it to peak 5!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scale of 1-10

What would you rate your life on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 being you are ready to end it all and 10 being you are so excited and happy!

If you answered anything below a 10 then what is missing to make it a 10?

What is one action; something courageous, that you can do to get you closer to that 10?

What would your life look like if it were a level 10?

I am extremely fortunate that I get to say my life is a level 9! I LOVE my life! I choose to create my life exactly as it is. I get to choose what I want to do and when I do it. Yes there are certain limitations as to what is within my means, however I make everything I do worth it!

I am currently working at promoting an event that my life is organizing. Greg Mooers Montana, the creator of Heart Virtues and is wife Tamara are coming to Montreal June 17-20th. I am so looking forward to this weekend because these two people communicate solely with your 10.

You see each and everyone of us has a piece of us that is completely committed to having a level 10 life. As long as a piece of us is committed to a 10 they will continue to speak to that piece and push us to take courageous actions to get ourselves to a level 10!!!

How would your life feel if the people in your life were all committed to their lives being a level 10 as well as your own? Do you think your life would look different than it does now? How so? Would you feel more empowered? Would you be more willing to continue to take courageous actions everyday? I am sure I would.

I am committed to you having a level 10 life and so are Greg and Tamara. If you are interested in creating your level 10 life than register for their weekend. It's going to be incredible! This is the link to the registration page. I look forward to having the most amazing group of people who are all committed to their lives being a 10 at this weekend!!!

See you there!

Friday, April 15, 2011

AuthenTools for Life

AuthenTools for Life -

Join us June 17-20th.

Greg and Tamara Mooers Montana are coming to Quebec!

They are committed to seeing that 6 billion people discover the treasure that lies “within” by knowing their Heart Virtue and then living in alignment with what is most meaningful to THEM!

They will be doing a two-day workshop Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of June. Over the course of the two days you will uncover your Heart Virtue, discover how to listen to anyone without reaction, reveal the invisible potential hiding in your shadow, create a way to acknowledge your boundaries with anyone in your life and learn how to establish divine and fulfilling partnerships.

The event will be taking place at Hotel Cheribourg in Magog, Quebec.

$997 all included;

- 2 days with Greg and Tamara; 9am to 7pm

- 3 night stay at the hotel; double occupancy

- 7 meals (Dinner on Friday the 17th is on your own)

- Access to all hotel facilities (there is a SPA onsite should you wish to book a treatment $)

Click the link above to register!

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Happily Ever After"

What does 'happily ever after' mean to you?

I am currently reading “Learn our Heart Virtue” by Greg Mooers (the title of the book has changed now and is “Unlocking you Heart Virtue”). On page 66 he writes:

Although we have fantasy movies that portray 'happily ever after', this is perhaps one of the worst concepts ever introduced to humanity: “One day we will live happily ever after” and we will “arrive” and be complete in life. That poses a question: What do you call the completion of life? I call it death, I don't know about you but I am in no rush.

This then obviously made my body react instantly and my mind work. I giggled because I had never thought of it the way he posed it and I was appalled because I have always believed in 'happily ever after'. However I don't think that I ever really thought about what 'happily ever after' actually means to me.

'Happily ever after' means that I am happy. I am passionately and joyfully making a contribution to the world and I have supportive people in my life whom I love and who love me. 'Happily ever after' does not mean that I suddenly stop living. It means that I get to continue to live without any restrictions. I am healthy and wealthy. I have the capability to do whatever I want, whenever I want and with whomever I want. I am living my Heart Virtues of respect, integrity and confidence while communicating beautifully with people I encounter.

I understand that some may have or that perhaps even I have had the thought that 'happily ever after' meant married with the man of my dreams (which incidentally is still in my new version of it) holed up in a castle somewhere, with all these riches and nothing to do. I guess a beach somewhere would be nice too. I just know that this version would not actually make me happy.

I believe that part of being human is relating to others and making a contribution to them and to the world at large. Have you ever seen the film Pay it Forward? It's about how your contribution to one person will affect another and then another and then another and etc. Positivity is contagious and I believe that to be 'happily ever after' you need it- I mean think about it could you be happy and not positive? I think it would be pretty challenging to do it any other way!

So what does 'happily ever after' mean to you?