Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Disconnected Darcy

This past weekend I attended the "I Can Do It" seminar run by Hay House. I got to see Dr. Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Debbie Ford, Doreen Virtue, Robert Holden, Cheryl Richardson and Lousie Hay! It was a fantastic weekend with many new lessons for me and some familiar reminders.

Debbie Ford does shadow work. Which is to say that she not only acknowledges the parts of herself that she does not like but she works on understanding how they serve her and how to really love them as part of her. In turn making herself whole and complete.

This is that same lesson I have written about so many times- we have all of humanity within us and whatever we see out there also exists within. When we disregard it, it has power over us. However when we acknowledge and embrace it we now have the power over it.

This weekend I met, "Disconnected Darcy"... she is part of me. Something that I really like about myself is my energetic, friendliness. And the opposite of that for me is being disconnected. Debbie took us through the process of personifying that trait, hence "Disconnected Darcy", and exchanging notes with them.

And so I asked Disconnected Darcy what her gift was to me; protection- I allow you know when to stay away from bad energy and that it is ok to not be involved with everyone that you meet. Then I asked, what do you need from me; be there and allow me to be there for you. Listen to me when I speak to you. I am here for you. Question number 3 is what will be available to me in the future; your soul-mate is Darcy's response. She says, by being open to the possibility that not everyone person is meant to be part of your life you will be able and willing to open up fully with the perfect person for you.

It's really very interesting to have this conversation. If you would like more information about how to do this work pick up Debbie Ford's book, The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers
-it's amazing.

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Best Friend

The first time I remember thinking that this person was my best friend I was in grade 3 or 4. They just always seemed to be there when I needed them; kind of magically actually. They listened. They cared. They spoke kind words. They empowered me to be the bigger person. They taught me all they knew while still giving me the space to make my own choices and learn my own lessons, which let's face is never easy for a parent.

My mother is one of the most incredible people that I know. She really is, still to this day- 15 years later- my best friend. She cares about me than even I realize. She provides yummy meals; most of the time... I still remember one meal that none of us liked and she did not cook for us again until we ate it- we had three full days of eating cereal! :-) She is there for me when I need her and even when I don't. She still lets me make my own choices even if she 'knows' what's best ;)

My mom pushes me to be my best by constantly striving to be her best.

We have our moments. I am not going to pretend that our relationship is purely sunshine, flowers and butterflies because lets get real; in order to have the flowers we first need the rain and in order to have a butterfly they must undergo a major transformation! Without our 'moments' our relationship would not grow or strengthen.

Yesterday we had a moment. And I would like to acknowledge that I was doing my 50% of the relationship at about a 20%. I was allowing my own hurt and frustration affect our communication and that created a mess.

With all the lessons I have learned in my life I have spoken about the one that started it all before... My mom first taught me that everything that bugs me in someone else is a quality that I too posses and am not fond of at that moment. And so I sat with that, once my father reminded me of the lesson yesterday evening, and I now understand what was so challenging for me yesterday.

I have been overly critical of myself lately and the efforts that I am putting in to plan our June event. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to make it succeed and if it fails I am the one who is responsible for it. Therefore when my mom gives me feedback, instead of taking it as her way of helping with the event I have been taking it as more criticism and just adding it to my own list that I have going. Yesterday was a breaking point for me. I could no longer take the beating I was so kindly giving myself, and yet I blamed her for it. I did not take one ounce of ownership for what I was putting myself through and I blamed her for all of it. How is that fair?

Today is a new day and I would like to formally apologize to you mom. You are so beautiful and loving and I am so happy that you are in my life and you did not deserve what I put you through yesterday. I want to say thank you for being here to bounce ideas off and for listening when I ask, even though you are busy doing your own work. I want to say thank you taking care of me and for continuing to love me even when I act like a jerk.

I love you mom and you are still my very best friend!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WHY? Item 1

"The bigger the WHY, the easier the how" - no clue who said it first... I heard it at Peak Potentials.

My family and I have started a new company. For those of you reading that do not know about this the company is called EPIC-U; empowering passion, integrity and confidence. We are committed to creating empowering experiences for people so that may know themselves and how they can make a greater contribution to the world.

EPIC-U is hosting it's very first event in June and it's coming up FAST! We are very excited about this event. We are bringing Greg and Tamara Mooers Montana up from Miami to run the two day workshop. I first encountered Greg Mooers Montana in the summer of 2009 when he ran a process at one of the courses I attended. The process was 'unlocking your Heart Virtue'.

When I uncovered that I am committed to Respect, Integrity and Confidence this knowing and complete understanding of why everything has happened in my life exactly as it has came to me. My actions and motivation and vision of who I am and who I am meant to be were so clear. It was a little scary in all honesty how much sense all of it made.

Recently I seem to have lost sight of what an amazing impact Greg has had on my life. You see tonight I sat down with my parents and worked through some stuff that has been coming up for me around the event. Registrations are not where I would like them or expected them to be. When we first created the event I was sure that we would get a great registration count and would have an intimate and phenomenal weekend. Now I was having some hesitations towards that thought pattern.

It seemed like everyone I was talking to 'really wants to come but cannot figure out how to make it work financially right now'. What a surprise that I am focusing on 'lack' and people who are also focusing on 'lack' keep showing up... If there is one thing that I have learned about myself over the course of my life time it's that if I want something badly enough I figure out a way to make it happen. Most of the time how it ends up happening makes no sense to me and yet the universe figures it out.

Therefore I sat down and wrote out WHY I want people to come in June. Here's what I came up with:

I want each person who attends AuthenTools for Life in June to have fun as they step outside their comfort zones, into the unknown in order to discover who they really are and what they are committed to! I am committed to each of them experiencing their lives at a level 10 and experiencing themselves in their power and in their greatness. Playing small does not serve the world- it is only by stepping into our greatness and power that we unconsciously give others permission to do the same! At AuthenTools not only will you be given permission to step into your 10, you will be challenged to do so with love and encouragement. I am committed to step into my own greatness and therefore hold the space for each of you to do the same!

"The bigger the WHY, the easier the how"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where to go...

So as you know if you have read my blog over the past month I have started a 'work out'/ 'get in shape' program of sorts. Today is day 11 that I have been going at it and I am very proud of myself for making it to day 11! Therefore it's time to celebrate!!!


OK 3 seconds done. Now I have a question for all those runner/ jogger/ walkers out there. Where do you go to run/ jog/ walk? So far I have stayed close to home and gone along the bike path that we have and around the neighbourhood streets. Today I stayed on the path only and actually used the grass on the sides instead of the pavement. I am not sure if my body is thanking me or rebelling at the moment...

Anyway I would love to hear where your favourite places are to go- maybe they'll give me some inspiration! Have a fabulous day!