Friday, June 28, 2013

Girls & Guys

The other day one of my best girlfriends and one of my best guy friends were over. We sat outside and chatted, just catching up and getting insights into each other and life.

Most of my conversations with people revolve around human behavior and what it means; primarily because I am fascinated by it, so much so that I sometimes wonder why I didn't go into psychology. Of course we ended up talking about relationships.

I stated, as I'm sure I've stated here before, girls are crazy. At the airport the other day I ended up chatting with these two guys, around my age, who were talking about a girl they met who had been crazy- to a point where one of them had to spell out that he had a girlfriend... apparently it did not do much to sway her advances. I chipped in with a very sarcastic, "What? A girl was crazy? That's shocking!"

Well it turns out that there's a word to describe guys as well... Stupid. My awesome friend Derek pointed out that girls are not the only ones in relationships and that although they may be crazy, the guys are stupid.

Now if you look at this divinely, girls are in the flow and emotionally run- at their core. Which, ladies, is very challenging to get away from, why not just own it? (I'm working on it myself. Step one is awareness) And guys are purposeful and sexually run; you can try and deny it- but let's face it, that's useless.

Guys think girls are crazy because they are driven by their emotions first. Girls think guys are stupid because they are driven by sex first.

Derek said something I thought was pretty brilliant...

Girls: emotion- intellect- sex
Guys: sex- intellect- emotion

Guys, if you can get through the beginning part of a conversation with a girl, where it seems like she is talking gibberish, until she gets to an intellectual part- where you are now part of the discussion, you will eventually end up on the other side. 

Girls, if you can get past the fact that guys are not as emotional as you are and you can accept that they think about sex first then you'll be fine.

Here's the challenge that I find myself running into. If you read my last post about my 15th row critic, who I have recently decided to call Maddie, you know that I watch my life like a movie in a theater and then move things around, or I create the movie before it happens. I am beginning to realize that the latter thing can be the most beneficial and the most hindering.

Creating the vision without attachment to what it actually ends up looking like is powerful (it's also known as visualizing/manifesting), and for me is the challenge. I am working on the non-attachment part of the plan. Right now I can feel myself creating possible scenarios in my mind and then getting disappointed before I even allow them to possibly happen. I also feel like these scenarios are currently putting the cart WAY before the horse.

And this is why I stated that girls are crazy. I'll own it. I can feel just how insane I am. Am I the only one? I have continued to say girls, including myself with the rest of the female population, but maybe it's just me... OR maybe I am right and this post is making the rest of you think and own the crazy! :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life in the movies

Have you ever gone through something and then replayed it over and over and over again in your mind, as if you are watching a movie in a theatre? I feel like I have done this my entire life. I will replay a moment or an event over and over again in my mind and change or add details to see what could've happened differently. 

Now as I write this I am reminded of a speaker that I have now seen speak three times. He has a theory called the 15th row critic; and it's basically that we all have a 15th row critic in our minds. Apparently movie critics sit in the 15th row when they go watch a movie and they critique- that is, after all, their job. If we all have these critics how do we learn to deal with them?

My critic replays moments on the screen, it rewinds them, pauses them, brightens them, slows them down or speeds them up. Sometimes it flat out changes the events themselves, adding more to the story line or taking things out, ultimately changing the ending.

This critic morphing my life moments happens more frequently when said moments involve guys. More specifically guys that I happen to like. I create these stories in my mind; the film screen, of what I want or how I want it to happen. And when something else occurs I replay it over and over again trying to change it into being what I really wanted.

As I write this now I feel how insane I must sound! Admittedly when I got back to my room, from a night out recently, and debriefed my evening with my roommate, I said to her, “I could've done more” and she very poignantly asked, “Do you hear yourself?” And in that moment I realized that I was INSANE!

Whatever happened, happened exactly as it was meant to happen and I just have to let go and trust that. I am far from perfect and just because something may or may not happen the way I see it, or the way I would like to recreate it does not mean that it did not happen absolutely perfectly!

I am a work in progress that's for sure!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Pay Attention

Welcome to today's lesson about paying attention.

Have you ever made an appointment and then not shown up? Or arrived half an hour prior to the scheduled appointment time?

Welcome to my life right now. This week seems to have gone by in a bit of a blur. I am not entirely sure that I accomplished anything. I know that I had a few moments of genius but they were few and far between. I seem to have arrived at home from another event and all I wanted to do, this is not surprising because it happens all the time, is lay on my couch reading a book or putzing around online. I took naps practically every afternoon which, although was lovely, did not allot for much productivity.

This week I have stuff to do that requires me to leave my house. I have appointments this week before I basically take off for the summer. This brings me back to my original thought processes for this blog. I have an appointment scheduled for 30 mins from now, this very moment. I, in one of my bouts of genius, arrived to my appointment early. Now all the communication between myself and the women I am meeting said our appointment was at 10:30am- the emails, my iPhone calendar- all of it. Yet somehow I decided last night that my appointment was actually at 10am.

I arrived at her house ten minutes early for my “10am” appointment. I took my time and called to make another appointment for this week. Then as I hung up something just felt off. So I went back to our communication and discovered that I was now not only 10 mins early but actually 40 minutes early. When did I decide to not pay attention to ALL the info I have telling me what time things are at?! Although in the end had I not been this early I would not be sitting by the water writing this blog post right now.

I have been wanting to go sit by the water and read/write since I got home a week ago and it has been raining all week- not exactly go sit by the water kind of weather. Now it is sunny and warm and there is a small breeze- PERFECT go sit by the water kind of weather!

Thank you Universe for sending me down here early and for helping me remember to stop, look and listen.

Take time to breathe in the world around you- I finally am right now and I am very grateful for it.

Ps- she thought our appointment was for tomorrow, so we now have it on Friday...

Monday, June 3, 2013


You are standing at the top of a snowy mountain. You create a small snowball. You then push it down the mountain and watch it not only gain speed but also gain in size. It keep rolling the and by the end it is the same diameter of a monster truck wheel!

That's momentum.

In the 'real world' momentum is the same thing. The more momentum something has the faster it goes and the bigger it gets.

Coeur Values is a company that believes that your Coeur Values are the Heart of your business. They help startups small businesses and solo-preneurs get un-stuck in growing their business, work smarter
not harder and increase the value of their business without them.

This company is gaining major momentum and is propelling forward in both the small business market and the corporate world. People are recognizing the amazing value they provide and are becoming raving fans.

I am extremely grateful to be part of the team that is Coeur Values. The word coeur means heart in French and that is exactly why we chose it! As a business your core values ARE the heart of your business, they are what you base all of your decisions on. The more in alignment you are with your values and your decisions the more successful your business will be.

When you have a team that is dedicated to growth momentum becomes inevitable.

Check us out: 
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