I have to admit that although I have written many bios it is still very strange for me to 'professionally' talk about myself. This time I am simply going to write it as me for you. Here's hoping that it is edu-tainment for you (that's right I combined education with entertainment). 

I am committed to respect, integrity and confidence. My mission is to motivate and empower others to be themselves, live with integrity and to love life!
I am committed to seeing that people who have suffered from not knowing who they are instead experience clarity and confidence to stand up and be acknowledged.

Continue reading if you are really curious about where I have been...

For as long as I can remember I have been doing work in the realm of personal development. My amazing parents; Stephen and Nadia Buna, constantly challenged me to look at myself and how I was creating the world around me. 

I have been involved with leadership and training programs since I was 11 years old. I won the student council award in my graduating year, 2002, from John Rennie High School in Pointe-Claire, QC; walk down the main hallway- my name is on a plaque! 

That being said high school was a turning point for me. 
I learned, within the first few years, that the bigger I played my game or shone my light the less likely I would be to fit in or have friends. I began to dim. Eventually I could not handle it anymore. I was living so out of integrity for me and I hated it. I decided to step back into my power and friends be damned. 
Funny thing was that as soon as I made that commitment to myself my real friend showed up. The friends that I still talk to today! 

I graduated from Concordia University in 2007 with a BA Specialization in Communication Studies. I was going to work in PR and advertising. That is until I finished school. I then realized that I did not want an office job. 
I took a year off and went to work for Disney Cruise Line in the recreation department. 

During my vacations from the ship I attended a few courses with Peak Potentials Training; my first one being Life Directions in January of 2008. I fell in love with their programs and accelerated learning style of teaching. 

Since then I have attend over a dozen courses, volunteered at several more and worked as a member of their on-site logistics team since March of 2010 and as an assistant trainer since January of 2012. 

I am also a Heart Virtue expert and trainer. I began facilitating the "Unlock Your Heart Virtue" workshop with adults and teens in 2011 and I have taken on the role of teaching others to become Heart Virtue Experts.

Facilitating processes for people's growth is what I am passionate about and I am fortunate enough to have many companies that I work with who allow me to pursue that passion. One of them I have already mentioned, Peak Potentials Training, another is my family's company, EPIC-U; Empowering Passion, Integrity and Confidence and the third one is Coeur Values.

If you have actually made it all the way to this point and are seriously still reading I am impressed and thankful. I did not anticipate that it would take this long to write about who I am and what I do. Thanks for being curious!

You can connect with me at veronicabuna@gmail.com